CSS Colour Audit

or css color audit, for those in the US Based on article by A list apart - CSS Audits: Taking stock of your code. While working »


Git rebase guide

https://speakerdeck.com/ewoodh2o/a-sane-git-workflow Slide 41 onwards has a great explanation of rebase. If you're on a feature branch, use git rebase to get all »


Git overwrite master with <my_branch_name>

It may be useful to replace all the code on master with another branch you've been working on. Depending on what you want to keep on »


Flexbox notes

A few notes and good sites on explaining Flexbox, because I really don't get it sometimes. CSS Tricks: A simple guide to Flexbox To achieve a »


Get current directory path within a Grunt plugin using __dirname

If you need to refer to files within a grunt plugin you can use __dirname. I've used this to grab template files in a different directory »

Responsive images with fixed aspect ratio using intrinsic sizing

Based on the now quite vintage A List Apart article from 2009, which looks at maintaining a video aspect ratio on resize, you can do the »

Create users with artisan tinker

Sometimes I need to quickly create a user for admin tasks or to test authentication stuff. Thanks to Auth Essentials - Jeffrey Way's Laracasts for explaining »


Create sites on linode server with bash script

I've found myself doing the same set of tasks every time I want to set up a new website on my Linode server, so I thought »